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Here is another product that fits our motto "There will be no space left where the MASTERSLIDE Mechanism cannot be used in Living Spaces": DOUBLE TWIN. In large spaces, one mechanism is put both to the right and left of the opening to obtain an opening of up to 6 metres. It is an ideal product for two neighbouring spaces to be used as one larger space when necessary or to be used as two separate spaces when desired. This mechanism can also be used with a "synchronous operating apparatus" when desired, making it possible for both doors to be opened and closed simultaneously.



Ecopan - Plastered - Wired

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Product Description

The light aperture is a clean transition space from the frame to the frame and from the floor to the bottom of the upper frame after the mechanism is mounted, plaster or drywall is applied, all construction works are completed, the door and frames are installed and the door is slipped in the wall. The H measure is produced between 2000 and 2400 mm in all mechanisms, and the "a" measure is produced between 400 and 1500 mm in standard mechanisms, with 50~100 mm intervals, and production can be made in any size according to the project. Besides, in these mechanisms, production is made in various internal clearances according to the thickness of the wall, provided that the minimum internal clearance is 60 mm. The ideal clearance size for the installation of the mechanism should be 18 mm horizontally and 20 mm vertically larger than the external gross measure of the mechanism. For example, a clearance of 1710 x 2200 mm should be left for the standard mechanism at a light aperture of 800 x 2100.

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